X Series Crossbow Broadheads
X Series Crossbow Broadheads
X Series Crossbow Broadheads
X Series Crossbow Broadheads
X Series Crossbow Broadheads
X Series Crossbow Broadheads
X Series Crossbow Broadheads
X Series Crossbow Broadheads

X Series Crossbow Broadheads

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After all it takes to get to the moment of truth, finish the job with a broadhead engineered to fly straighter and penetrate deeper. Designed with an 11/32" ferrule diameter, X Series Crossbow Broadheads align with crossbow bolts for unmatched high-speed crossbow accuracy and maximum arrow penetration. Available in V, S, or Wide options so you can choose the right broadhead for your hunt. 

100-200 Grains
.062" Thick A2 Tool Steel Blades
Cryogenically Treated and Triple Tempered to 60 HRC Hardness 
1 1/16" Main Blade
3/4" Bleeder Blade
Hardened Ferrules
US Patent 10,054,409

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100-150 Grains

Three weight options so hunters can achieve their desired front of arrow mass for their crossbow bolts.

Cutting Diameter

Wide Main Blade: 1 3/8"
V and S Main Blade: 1 1/16"
Bleeder Blade: 3/4"

A variety of cutting diameters so you can cater your broadhead to the species you're hunting and anticipated shot scenario.

Standard Threads

Most crossbow bolts require Standard (8-32) Threads.

Crossbow Bolt Ready

Engineered with an 11/32" ferrule diameter for a precise fit on crossbow bolts. Precision high-speed accuracy starts with broadheads designed specifically for crossbows.

Tanto Tip

For maximum impact strength, Iron Will’s patented blade geometry includes a Tanto Tip on the end of each broadhead. By widening the tip as compared to more traditional broadheads, extra bone splitting strength and rigidity is added, preventing the bending or breaking that saps momentum and stops arrows in their tracks. Additionally, the Tanto Tip reduces surface area for greater accuracy at long distances. US Patent 10,054,409

.062" Thick A2 Tool Steel
Sharp + Stout Blades

Iron Will broadheads are engineered to be extremely sharp and stay that way. A2 Tool Steel, commonly used in metal stamping dies to cut other steels, has an unmatched combination of impact toughness and edge retention. We cryogenically treat and triple temper to a hardness of 60HRC producing edges that remain honed all the way through the target. This unmatched edge retention requires less force for a complete pass-through. Sharpened back bevels deliver your trophy with maximum internal hemorrhaging for great blood trails. Resharpen these broadheads for reliability hunt after hunt.

Hardened Ferrule

Grade 5 Titanium (for lighter heads) and hardened stainless steel (for heavier heads) ensures the broadhead stands firmly aligned with the arrow at impact. This aligns the arrow’s momentum to drive through the animal instead of flexing and displacing momentum sideways.

"This is the second buck killed with the same broadhead. Thank you so much for a great head. And by the way the head still looks brand new. It just needs to be sharpened up."

— Justin D.

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