Waterproof Broadhead Case
Waterproof Broadhead Case
Waterproof Broadhead Case
Waterproof Broadhead Case
Waterproof Broadhead Case

Waterproof Broadhead Case

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With a tough, hard exterior, this waterproof, dustproof, and all things hunt-proof broadhead travel case keeps your broadheads ready to hunt. In true Iron Will fashion, we re-designed and over-engineered this new lightweight and ultra-tough travel case to take less room in your pack, cut weight, and be stronger than ever before.

Additionally, we custom designed this broadhead six-pack case to fit any Iron Will broadhead, from our lightweight 100 grain single bevels, to our ultra-heavy and long-ferruled 200 grain Snyder CORE broadheads. So if you're planning to hunt with different types of Iron Will broadheads, this case will keep you well organized.

And if you've ever opened our old waterproof case only to have the weighty lid flip your broadheads out and onto the ground — we fixed that too.

The high density cross-linked foam inserts are engineered to clamp up to six Iron Will Broadheads on the flat faces of the blades to eliminate edges rubbing during long term vibration from air and road travel.

Additionally, your broadheads will be protected by a snap-lock latch system and a durable shell that is resistant to corrosion, fungus and impact damage. The redesigned case is made from high-performance engineered plastic to reduce weight and increase strength, and is sealed with a full wraparound gasket that makes it water and dust-proof.

Note - Case is empty and does not include broadheads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dylan Hymel
5 star

Fits perfect.

Thanks for the review!

Jose Palacios
Best there is……..

I have 4-5 different broadhead cases. Yet I wasn’t 100% happy with any of them. Too big, too small, too thick, broadheads rattling inside, case opening by itself. At last I found one I thought was it. Well made, great foam inserts, good size, great latch, enough room for 6 broadheads. But it turns out than when I opened that case, the lid would only open 90*. Invariably, the case would tip over backwards with the lid weight and all my Iron Will broadheads would go flying everywhere.

This Iron Will case fixes that problem. The lid opens 180* so that the case lays completely flat when opened. No more flying broadheads. Well worth the price. One happy customer.

We like this one way better too! Iron Will listens to his customers and redesigns products to meet their needs. Glad you like the new case and thanks for stopping back to tell us so. Truly appreciate it.

Quintin Hansell
Solid product

Smaller and thinner than I expected, which I actually like. Decided to test how “waterproof” it really is, so I filled my tub and weighed it down to stay submerged. Drained the tub 2hrs later and not a single seep of water made it’s way inside. Hands down a solid case!

Thank you for conducting independent research! We do not recommend this, but are happy to hear that it performed well beyond what should be necessary in any typical hunting situation. Glad you like it! Thanks for the review.

Finally a low profile case to fit my assorted broadheads

I shoot a couple of different arrow setups most seasons and it's nice to have a slim case that holds my various assortment of BHs. As an added convenience, opening the lid and seeing them all laid out side by side keeps me from having to remove each BH like I do from my other cases. I'm shooting the Snyder Core again this year and the case fits all of my BHs, even the wides, easily and securely. Good stuff.

We love this case too! The new model is a great addition to our upgrades for the 2022 season. So happy you like it! Thanks for letting us know.

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