K2 Ultralight Skinning Knife
K2 Ultralight Skinning Knife
K2 Ultralight Skinning Knife

K2 Ultralight Skinning Knife

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Blade Finish

After the trophy of a lifetime hits the dirt, let your K2 Ultralight Skinning Knife get to work. For the hunter that needs both a lightweight and reliable skinner blade, The K2's large, sweeping edge spreads cuts over a long surface to maintain sharpness while preventing accidental hide cuts.

A tapered 1/2 inch Saber Grind reduces the steel near the blade edge so there's less material to push through with each sweep — resulting in butter-like cuts.

Additionally, a longer handle with multiple grip positions improves performance and feel on fine, shallow cuts as well as deeper cuts on thick, stiff hide.

A new premium Black Ceramic coating option provides improved abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Cryogenically treated A2 Tool Steel blades keep your edge sharp until the job's done, so you can make taxidermist-quality cuts. Whether it's on a Desert bighorn or the buck you've had your eye on, K2's are made for preserving hides and the memories that go along with them.

A2 Tool Steel Blade
60 HRC Cryogenic Treatment
Skeleton Blade Weight: 1.2 oz (34 grams)
G10 Handle Weight: 0.7 oz (20 grams)
Overall Length: 7.2 in.
Blade Length: 3.0 in.
Blade Width: 1.6 in.
Bevel Angle: 19 degrees per side
Patent Pending

Additional Features

Sweeping Edge

An extra-wide blade with large, sweeping curved edge spreads your cuts over a longer radius to maintain sharpness while preventing those jagged cuts that have a tendency to poke through hide.

Precision Grips

For precise edge control and to prevent slippage in wet and cold conditions, robust finger grips (jimping) extend along the backbone of the blade. All to make your cuts more precise during the delirious post-recovery afterglow.

G-10 Handle

Precision CNC machined from G10 and at only 0.7 ounces, this handle adds extra control and comfort without contributing significant weight. G10 provides a confident grip when wet or dry so you can finish the job safely and efficiently.

Skeleton Handle

For the backcountry ounce counter, simply throw the skeletonized knife with sheath in your kill kit and you’ll forget about it until you punch your tag. For added grip and backcountry readiness, wrap your handle with the included paracord.

Kydex Sheath

The lightweight and minimal Kydex sheath included with every knife keeps your blade secured, out-of-sight and out-of-mind when you don't need it. And with exceptional durability, it's ready for all the blood and frequent use you can throw at it.

Pack Attach Sheath

Designed to fit straps from 1.5" to 2.25" wide, the Pack Attach Sheath is perfect for mounting your Iron Will knife to MOLLE webbing, to your backpack's shoulder straps, or your pant's waist belt. This external knife attachment features multiple configuration options for left- or right-handed knife access, plus dual locks so it won't shake or come loose.

Sharp Edges that

Stay Sharp

Iron Will knives are engineered to be extremely sharp and stay that way. A2 Tool Steel, which is commonly used by manufacturers to stamp metal, is treated with our proprietary cryogenic steel hardening process to produce edges with 60 HRC hardness. The result is a reliable blade you can count on to completely skin and field dress big game.

A2 Tool Steel

Blade Coatings

Iron Will's K2 Lightweight Skinning Knife is finished with either a Natural Steel or Black Ceramic blade coating.

To protect from corrosion, Natural Steel finished blades are treated with a light mineral oil coating that preserves the blade's Natural Steel appearance.

Black Ceramic blades are treated with a black composite coating for added wear resistance, reduced friction and enhanced corrosion protection.

A2 Tool Steel is not stainless, so we recommend applying a light treatment of wax or mineral oil to blades after use.

1/2 Inch

Saber Grind

To reduce the amount of force required to make cuts, a 1/2 inch Saber Grind was added behind the leading edge. The Saber Grind reduces thickness behind the leading edge to minimize the effort needed to move through meat and tissue. The result is smoother cuts, a cleaner hide, and more energy left over for the pack out.

External Carry


The new gold standard for externally carrying your K2 knife, the versatile and lightweight Pack Attach Sheath precisely mounts Iron Will knives to your belt, backpack, or MOLLE webbing.  

“Feels like a natural extension of my hand when caping”

— JL

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