Carbide Broadhead and Knife Sharpener
Carbide Broadhead and Knife Sharpener
Carbide Broadhead and Knife Sharpener
Carbide Broadhead and Knife Sharpener

Carbide Broadhead and Knife Sharpener

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Carry this compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use sharpener in your pack or leave it in camp for easy touch-ups while on the hunt. Extremely hard carbide sharpening elements are factory preset to the optimal angle for touching up Iron Will broadheads and knives. The military-grade aluminum base is both durable and lightweight, and features a honing surface on the back.

Blade Angle: 40 Degrees (Fits Iron Will broadheads and knives)
Size: 2.0 x 0.75 inches
Weight: 15 grams
Lifetime Warranty

Set the broadhead or knife blade between the sharpeners and draw towards you, working from the rear to the tip. Use only light-to-moderate pressure. More strokes, not more pressure, produces the best results. Repeat until the blade is sharp. For better grip and touch, keep broadheads on your arrows while sharpening.

Customer Reviews

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Small and compact perfect for hiking and sharpening in camp

Hunter Disney
I would assume it’s fantastic.

Used it one time, stuck it in my overalls on a hunt, and the next time I saw it was into 5 pieces in the bottom of the dryer. Sad days.

Oh no!!! The ol' washing machine trick. The same machine that eats socks! Glad you liked it though!

Jahred klahre
Not worth it

I’ll be honest, I’m not a skeptic when it comes to Irons Wills. I knew I wanted the broadheads when I first laid eyes on them. When I got the the point of checkout and saw the sharpener I said to myself… “we’ll, I gotta have it since it’s the same company, right?” … I ran a double bevel broadhead on this 40 degree sharpener for hours and there was no noticeable difference in the sharpness and it couldn’t quite reach the bleeder blades. Fortunately through my job I have a connection for surgical instrument sharpening at a local hosptial and the fella running the shop took up the challenge. He was able to get my iron will broadheads sharp as a razor blade however, even he commented that the sharpener is just about useless and handed me a piece of Arkansas stone for touch up work later. Sorry Iron Will, the broadheads are SICK but the sharpener… just didn’t cut it.

Thanks for your feedback! This little sharpener is meant for quick touch ups. We sell a sharpening stone that is meant for more serious sharpening. It is small and lightweight; meant for dropping into your pack as well. For more specific information on sharpening our blades, we recommend you check out our YouTube Channel at:

Christian Mckee
Great sharpener

Works great for the S series broad heads I have as well as knives. 3-5 swipes and you’re razor sharp. Super small and light too so you can easily keep it in your kill kit or pack.

It is small but mighty and perfect for those touch ups in the field or as you tune. Great for all our double bevel heads. Thank you for taking the time to send us a review!

Matt Comeau

They keep it simple and small. Put mine in my pocket everyday and use it everyday at my Tannery shop. Had to ordered another to put in my hunting bag because my employees took it over . USPS lost my second one, so I am about to order my third one. I highly recommend everyone have one in there hunting bag.

Thank you for the review! It is great to hear that it is so useful and portable!