Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads
Single Bevel Broadheads

Single Bevel Broadheads

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Iron Will’s Single Bevel Broadheads are engineered to maintain the arrow's rotational spin through impact, resulting in a bone splitting effect and more tissue damage throughout the animal. We added a single bevel bleeder (optional) which assists in this rotation, opens up holes, and increases the total tissue sliced. The result creates massive blood trails and quick kills. Choose right or left to match your fletching.

100-250 Grains
.062" Thick A2 Tool Steel Blades
Cryogenically Treated and Triple Tempered to 60 HRC Hardness 
1 1/16" Main Blade Cutting Diameter
3/4" Bleeder Blade Cutting Diameter
Hardened Ferrules
US Patent 10,054,409

Additional Features

Cutting Diameter

Main Blade: 1 1/16" | Bleeder Blade: 3/4"

The low profile main blade minimizes wind effects and maximizes big game penetration, so you can hit your mark and bring home more than a story. We added the single bevel bleeder to unzip a wound channel for easy blood tracking.


100-250 Grains

Eight weight options so hunters can achieve their desired front of arrow mass.

Snyder Core Variant

Engineered in conjunction with Aron Snyder, ferrules on Snyder Core broadheads sit deeper in micro diameter arrow shafts to bolster their impact strength. Choose a Snyder Core option only if your arrows are set up to conform with the Snyder Core System.

Standard Threads

Most arrows require Standard (8-32) Threads.

Deep Six Threads

Deep Six Threads are designed to fit 4mm micro diameter shafts with HIT inserts that use the Deep Six thread pattern. Purchase the Deep Six variant if you plan to use them with Deep Six HIT Inserts in micro 4mm shafts.

Buff Broadheads

For hunters that want a strict two blade broadhead with no bleeder, the Buff option is for you. Buff broadheads are ideal when maximum penetration is desired above all else. Buff broadheads are only available with Standard Threads.

Right or Left Rotation

Right and left rotating options are designed to match your arrow's rotation as created by your fletching (when viewed from the back). So if your fletching creates a right rotating arrow, choose a single bevel with right rotation for best in-flight stability and spiraling through the target.


Tanto Tip

For maximum impact strength, Iron Will’s patented blade geometry includes a Tanto Tip on the end of each broadhead. By widening the tip as compared to more traditional broadheads, extra bone splitting strength and rigidity is added, preventing the bending or breaking that saps momentum and stops arrows in their tracks. Additionally, the Tanto Tip reduces surface area for greater accuracy at long distances. US Patent 10,054,409

.062" Thick A2 Tool Steel

Sharp + Stout Blades

Iron Will broadheads are engineered to be extremely sharp and stay that way. A2 Tool Steel, commonly used in metal stamping dies to cut other steels, has an unmatched combination of impact toughness and edge retention. We cryogenically treat and triple temper to a hardness of 60HRC producing edges that remain honed all the way through the target. This unmatched edge retention requires less force for a complete pass-through. Sharpened back bevels deliver your trophy with maximum internal hemorrhaging for great blood trails. Resharpen these single bevels for reliability hunt after hunt.

Hardened Ferrule

Grade 5 Titanium (for lighter heads) and hardened stainless steel (for heavier heads) ensures the broadhead stands firmly aligned with the arrow at impact. This aligns the arrow’s momentum to drive through the animal instead of flexing and displacing momentum sideways.

Reviews and Field Reports

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For archery hunters in pursuit of big game, the choice of broadhead is crucial. Making the right choice can make the difference between a successful hunt and a disappointing miss. One of the most popular broadhead options for both novice and seasoned bowhunters is the single bevel broadhead. These arrow broadheads are trusted for their lethal penetration and bone-splitting ability, making them a game-changer in the world of bowhunting.

A single bevel broadhead features blades that are sharpened on one side, creating a single beveled edge. This unique design allows the broadhead to rotate upon impact, delivering a corkscrew effect that results in devastating wound channels. This rotational force not only enhances penetration but also increases the likelihood of breaking through heavy bone.

One of the most prominent advantages of these products is increased tissue damage for better blood trails. The spiraling  motion caused by the single bevel design can result in additional tissue damage  compared to traditional double bevel broadheads. This not only increases the chances of a quick, ethical kill, but also leaves a substantial blood trail for easier tracking. This can be critical when hunting in thick cover where flowing blood trails are most important.

When selecting a single bevel broadhead, consider factors such as the weight and size of the broadhead, the type of game you plan to hunt, and the specifications of your bow setup. Heavier broadheads for arrows may deliver greater impact and penetration, but it also requires more draw weight to shoot effectively.

It's also important to note that single bevel broadheads come in both right-bevel and left-bevel designs. This refers to the direction in which the blade is beveled, and it influences the direction the broadhead will spin in flight. The rule of thumb is to match the broadhead's spin with the fletching's spin for optimal performance.

Whether you're a seasoned bowhunter or new to the sport, Iron Will broadheads will be a valuable addition to your hunting gear. With their impressive penetration, bone-splitting ability, and durable design, they offer reliable performance in the field. 

Explore our selection of premium single bevel broadheads and broadhead accessories today. We know you will be impressed in how they perform for you. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted from superior materials, our broadheads are engineered to deliver when it matters most.