Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads
Wide Series Broadheads

Wide Series Broadheads

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30% wider than our other heads, Wide broadheads are engineered for bigger entry and exit holes and flowing blood trails. With a wide cut, the reliability of an Iron Will fixed blade, and precision tolerances that produce accurate flight to 50 yards, an arrow shot means an animal recovered. Expandable broadheads have been put on notice.

New for 2023: Wide Single Bevel broadheads. Thanks to customer demand, we've spent the past year engineering and testing frequently requested Iron Will Wide Single Bevel Broadheads. Featuring the same total cut of 2 1/8 inch as our double bevel Wide broadheads, these single bevels rotate through the animal to open up devastating wound channels for heavy blood trails. Available now in 150 grain right bevel with fully solid blades with and without bleeders (Buff) with Standard (8-32) threads.

All Wide broadheads are double bevel except for models identified as Single Bevel.

100-250 Grains
.062" Thick A2 Tool Steel Blades
Cryogenically Treated and Triple Tempered to 60 HRC Hardness 
2 1/8" Total Cut
1 3/8" Main Blade Cutting Diameter
3/4" Bleeder Blade Cutting Diameter
Hardened Ferrules
32° Single Bevel Edge Angle
20° Double Bevel Edge Angle
US Patent 10,054,409

Additional Features


100-250 Grains

Nine weight options so hunters can achieve their desired front of arrow mass.

Cutting Diameter

Total Cut: 2 1/8"
Main Blade: 1 3/8" | Bleeder Blade: 3/4"

The Wide main blade creates a devastating wound channel and heavy blood trail for a short and quick recovery on tight parcels. A bleeder blade opens up the wound channel to take blood trails to the next level. Even with the wider surface area, tight tolerances ensure precision accuracy so you can confidently hit your mark up to fifty yards away.

Double Bevel vs Single Bevel

Double bevel broadheads feature two bevels on each blade edge that have equal pressure causing the arrow to drive straight through the animal as efficiently as possible. Iron Will Single Bevels feature a single beveled edge on both their main blade and bleeder blade. The pressure on single bevels causes arrows to continue to rotate through the animal.

Standard Threads

Most arrows require Standard (8-32) Threads.

Deep Six Threads

Deep Six Threads are designed to fit 4mm micro diameter shafts with HIT inserts that use the Deep Six thread pattern. Purchase the Deep Six variant if you plan to use them with Deep Six HIT Inserts in micro 4mm shafts.

Snyder Core Variant

Engineered in conjunction with Aron Snyder, ferrules on Snyder Core broadheads sit deeper in micro diameter arrow shafts to bolster their impact strength. Choose a Snyder Core option only if your arrows are set up to conform with the Snyder Core System.

Buff Broadheads

For hunters that want a strict two blade broadhead with no bleeder, the Buff option is for you. Buff broadheads are ideal when maximum penetration is desired above all else.


Tanto Tip

For maximum impact strength, Iron Will’s patented blade geometry includes a Tanto Tip on the end of each broadhead. By widening the tip as compared to more traditional broadheads, extra bone splitting strength and rigidity is added, preventing the bending or breaking that saps momentum and stops arrows in their tracks. Additionally, the Tanto Tip reduces surface area for greater accuracy at long distances. US Patent 10,054,409

.062" Thick A2 Tool Steel

Sharp + Stout Blades

Iron Will broadheads are engineered to be extremely sharp and stay that way. A2 Tool Steel, commonly used in metal stamping dies to cut other steels, has an unmatched combination of impact toughness and edge retention. We cryogenically treat and triple temper to a hardness of 60HRC producing edges that remain honed all the way through the target. This unmatched edge retention requires less force for a complete pass-through. Sharpened back bevels deliver your trophy with maximum internal hemorrhaging for great blood trails. Resharpen these broadheads for reliability hunt after hunt.

Hardened Ferrule

Grade 5 Titanium (for lighter heads) and hardened stainless steel (for heavier heads) ensures the broadhead stands firmly aligned with the arrow at impact. This aligns the arrow’s momentum to drive through the animal instead of flexing and displacing momentum sideways.

Reviews and Field Reports

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Welcome to Iron Will Outfitters, home of high-performance wide broadheads.

We are long-time avid bowhunters and engineers ourselves and, as a result, we know the critical role a trustworthy broadhead can play in a successful hunt. This is just one of the many reasons that we are highly committed to designing and crafting wide single and double bevel broadheads that deliver unmatched accuracy, penetration, and durability.

We understand that every bowhunter's arsenal requires arrow broadheads that deliver on promise and performance. With this in mind, we have designed our Wide Series Broadheads to provide maximum cutting diameter, devastating wound channels, and unmatched strength.

Our wide series broadhead collection showcases the epitome of our commitment to excellence and innovation in bowhunting equipment. These broadheads are designed with a larger cutting diameter, ensuring more significant impact and damage upon hitting the target.

Our single and double bevel broadheads are designed to cater to the diverse needs of today's bowhunters. Single bevel broadheads feature blades that are sharpened on one side. Double bevel broadheads feature blades that are sharpened on both sides, creating two cutting edges. These designs allow the broadhead to slice through hide, flesh, and bone with remarkable efficiency. It also makes them easy to sharpen, ensuring they're always ready to deliver peak performance.

Each broadhead model in our collection has been meticulously engineered and rigorously tested to ensure it meets our high standards of performance. You might also want to check out our collection of broadhead accessories.

To choose the best wide broadhead design for you, look for a product that offers superior craftsmanship.

At Iron Will Outfitters, we take pride in the superior craftsmanship of our wide broadheads. Each broadhead is precision-engineered and made from high-grade materials to ensure exceptional performance and durability. Our wide broadheads are also designed to offer optimal penetration. A2 Tool Steel main blades and bleeder blades slice through hide and tissue and stay sharp all the way through the animal, while the robust construction ensures they can power through bone.

Naturally, accuracy is also of paramount importance.

The balanced design of our broadheads enhances flight stability and accuracy. This ensures you can count on Wide Iron Will Outfitters broadheads to hit the mark up to about 50 yards away.

At Iron Will Outfitters, we believe that quality gear is key to a successful hunting experience. Our wide, double bevel broadheads are not simply hunting equipment; they're proof of our commitment to our customers and their satisfaction.

When you choose Iron Will Outfitters Wide broadheads, you're investing in a tool designed to perform under pressure, built to last, and dedicated to making every shot count.

Explore our range of Wide single and double bevel broadheads today and experience the difference Iron Will Outfitters can make in your hunting performance. From the materials we select to the careful craftsmanship we employ, every aspect of our wide series broadheads is designed with you, the bowhunter, in mind.