Iron Will Hybrid Hunter Vanes
Iron Will Hybrid Hunter Vanes
Iron Will Hybrid Hunter Vanes
Iron Will Hybrid Hunter Vanes
Iron Will Hybrid Hunter Vanes

Iron Will Hybrid Hunter Vanes

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For the best fletching for broadhead flight, we partnered with AAE to produce a vane from their Hybrid material in the Hunter profile. The result is an enhanced vane that starts steering the arrow immediately as it leaves the string and provides unmatched stability for great broadhead accuracy.

We also love these vanes for their ability to strongly adhere to the arrow at an optimal three degree helical angle without the need for priming. Loctite 406 or similar cyanoacrylate type adhesives are recommended.

Note: These Iron Will Hybrid Hunter fletchings are sold as a 40 pack. 

Length: 2.1 in.
Height: 0.580 in.
Weight: 6.4 grains
Color: White
Quantity: 40

vane test
Best Vanes Through


These Iron Will Hybrid Hunter Vanes were developed through extensive computational fluid dynamic modeling as well as empirical testing to provide the best arrow flight with broadheads.

Empirical testing included high speed video, lab radar, audio analysis, and wind tunneling.


Top Edge

Our testing showed that the higher top edge in the AAE Hunter profile significantly steered broadheads better than lower profile vanes. The further away the vane was from the arrow, the more significant the pressure became upon the edge, which led to more reliable rotation.

Additionally, we found the AAE Hybrid material to support excellent adhesion to arrows, especially in high-pressure areas like the front of the vane.

The result is an Iron Will exclusive Hybrid Hunter vane from AAE.

Within this model, parts of the vane receiving the highest pressure are in red, and the airflow with the highest velocity is shown in red.

arrow vane model

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Awesome looking vanes. Ready to try on new arrows when they arrive.

Ty Crowley
Where have these vanes been all my life?

Got 1 package to try out, always like the Hunter profile vanes, but not the max material. Will be ordering more soon! They adhere beautifully out of my mini max jig. Take a helical very well, and shoot like darts. Can’t wait to shoot broadheads with them!

Great to hear! We like them too. We have new research going on for the next generation of Iron Will Vanes. Stay tuned!


I mean there Iron Will!!!


Easy application, material is not as durable as the max series. Graphic is not as durable either.

Superior Performance

Superior Performance in broadhead AND Field Point flight. Highly recommend!

Great to hear! Thanks for the review.

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