Hot Melt Archery Adhesive
Hot Melt Archery Adhesive
Hot Melt Archery Adhesive

Hot Melt Archery Adhesive

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This high strength, impact resistant hot melt adhesive is great for gluing archery components to arrows including Impact Collars and Snyder Core System broadheads. Will bond over 100 arrows with typical application.

  • 190F softening temperature

  • 350F suggested application temperature

  • 1 3/4" diameter x 1 3/4" long

How to Build Arrows with Hot Melt Glue

Customer Reviews

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Best hot melt glue I have used

Best hot melt

This is the best hot melt glue for inserts I have used. Holds great easy to use.

Yay for our Hot Melt! Researched by Iron Will to have the best balance of impact tolerance and strength while being easy to remove in boiling water; saving your arrows from a heat gun! Glad you found it! Thanks for the review.

Hot Melt

No comlaint's at all. Product is easy to use and has a super bond . I have used this glue on different manufactures components and it worked with no negative results with all of them. Great product, will continue using instead of my old gluing system.

Thank you for the review! We only recommend this hot melt for our HIT insert system because of it's bonding strength and impact tolerance while also providing a melting point conducive to removing componants using boiling water. This means you won't damage your arrows by ever using a heat gun on your arrows. Glue in the HIT and the head as one piece. Check out our YouTube for more info on hot melt installation.

Jeff Hoelscher
Great Product!!

Thanks to Bill, Aaron Snyder & Dan (ElkShape), I decided to try hot melting instead of epoxy. Never used it before, but so far so good. Install was simple and so far no components have been donated to the internals of my targets. I like the idea of being able to retrieve pricey components from damaged arrows or to reheat and tinker / tune the arrows. I'm honestly not sure what more archery shops don’t use this over epoxy as it doesn’t really take any longer for the component install.

Glad we could help build your confidence!

Stephen Ferguson
Absolutely fantastic product

This stuff is super strong I'm using it with with my 81 pound hoyt vtm 31 shooting axis 5mm arrows and brass inserts and 200 grain vpa broad heads and of course 200 grain field point everything is rock solid and after many many shots is just fine. Takes a beating and keeps on ticking. Gonna have to give the iron will 200 grainers a go here pretty soon

You won't be disappointed in any of our componants. Thanks for giving the hot melt a try. It is the gateway to a future where you never want to use any other products. Be careful. Thanks for the review! Now, go get yourself some Iron Will broadheads that are durable and made with high quality materials.