Anti-Corrosion Blade Care Kit

Anti-Corrosion Blade Care Kit

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Say goodbye to disposable broadheads and backcountry hunting knife blades. Use this Blade Care Kit to keep your broadheads and knives in top shape so they remain as reliable as science allows. Iron Will A2 Tool Steel blades are not stainless, so this kit lets you take care of any natural surface tarnishing and discoloration found on your blades and prepares them for ongoing corrosion resistance and end-of-season storage. The diemaker polishing stone in this kit can be used to polish out spots of corrosion. We apply a thin coating of mineral oil to broadheads and knives before shipping from our factory. Reapplying this mineral oil from the mineral oil pen in this kit will improve corrosion resistance with use over time.

Kit Includes:
Mineral Oil Dispensing Pen
1200 Grit Diemaker Polishing Stone
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Carry Pouch

How to Clean Broadheads and Knives

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