Impact Collars
Impact Collars
Impact Collars
Impact Collars
Impact Collars
Impact Collars
Impact Collars
Impact Collars

Impact Collars

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 Broken arrows don't get the job done, so we engineered Impact Collars to protect your arrow shafts. Similar to a footer, these sleeves slide over the end of your arrow and provide a barrier of protection between the delicate carbon and broadhead. And because we don't do anything halfway, Impact Collars are engineered with industry leading materials and tolerances for a precise fit, accurate flight, and unrelenting strength that saves arrows and keeps momentum driving forward.

Note: These Impact Collars come as a six pack.

Patent Pending

6 Per Package
C25: 1 in. long Hardened Stainless Steel weighing 25 grains
C10: 0.7 in. long Grade 5 Titanium weighing 10 grains
Patent Pending

Impact Collars slide over the end of your arrow and are secured by your broadhead or field point.

Optionally, for further strength, collars can be secured to your arrow with HIT Epoxy. This is recommended to fill the gap between the collar and your arrow if your Impact Collar size is .002"-.003" per side larger than the arrow. You can also choose a collar to be the same size or slightly smaller that your arrow diameter, but sanding may be required.  

Additional Features

Grade 5 Titanium

For the ultimate in lightweight toughness, our 10 grain Impact Collars are precisely Swiss CNC machined using Grade 5 Titanium. This offers far superior strength-to-weight than ordinary aluminum footers.

Hardened Stainless Steel

For heavier toughness, our 25 grain Impact Collar are machined from Hardened Stainless Steel. This allows for more mass at the front-of-arrow without adding much extra material.

Front Flange

To increase arrow strength and longevity, these collars slide over the end of arrows with a small but mighty lip that lives between your arrow shaft and broadhead. This flange is engineered to prevent arrows from exploding on hard bone impacts, while squaring up the end of your arrow for more accurate flight.

Precision Fitment

Engineered to industry-leading tolerances and available in 16 different weight and size combinations so you can find a precise fit for your arrow shaft. All this for shot consistency, so you can count on your arrows at the moment-of-truth.

HIT Insert Compatible

Designed to be used in conjunction with HIT Inserts, so your broadheads align with your arrow's inner diameter for more accurate flight.

HIT (Hidden Insert Technology) is used under license as a registered trademark of Easton Technical Products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews

Great product

Aaron O’Dell

I have Iron will components on all my arrow set ups. Broad heads, field points, inserts and impact collars by iron will gives my the most confidence because I know the durability is impeccable!

Joshua Voegelin

Great additions to my arrow builds

Brian Snell
Still a good investment

I wrote an early review on these and just wanted to follow up on reiterating that they increase arrow life on tough targets. At the cost of arrows they are well worth adding in to get the additional performance.

Michael c
Must have!

I'm not the greatest shot but no matter the arrow I have I install the impact collars! I've went through double fence pickets, double shoulder blades, into trees and 4x4s no damage to the arrow shaft at all.

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