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For bowhunters looking to prevent broken arrows on heavy bone impacts, Iron Will's Reinforced HIT System delivers unparalleled strength and accuracy.  Iron Will Hot Melt archery adhesive is an alternative method of installing this system.  It provides excellent strength when bonding both the HIT insert and head together yet unlike epoxy, it can be easily removed in the future by simply putting it in boiling water for 15 seconds and pulling it out with pliers.  Quick installation allows you to orient heads if desired and they are ready to shoot within minutes.

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Hot Melt supplies


  1. Clean the inside of the arrow. Add isopropyl alcohol to the Q Tip and run it in and out of the inside of the arrow to clean out any carbon dust or dirt accumulated from manufacturing or cutting the arrows. 
  2. Use a dry Q Tip in and out of the arrow shaft to dry the alcohol. 
  3. Slide your Impact Collar over the end of your arrow. Watch this video if you'd like to hot melt your Impact Collar
  4. Screw the HIT Insert onto the Field Points or Broadheads
  5. Set your heat gun to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Begin heating the components and adhesive with the heat gun until you can transfer some hot melt onto the HIT Insert and shank of the broadhead/field point. CAUTION - do not overheat components using a flame or they could damage your arrows.
  7. Insert the point/HIT Insert into the end of the arrow, rotating as you go to ensure complete coverage. CAUTION - broadheads are extremely sharp. Use only light pressure by hand or use a cut proof glove to avoid injury. Push the point against a block of wood to fully seat the system into the arrow.
  8. After the arrow and components cool for a few minutes, you'll be able to peel off any excessive hot melt that's mushroomed out. 
  9. Once the arrow has fully cooled, it's ready for use.