HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool
HIT Insert Installation Tool

HIT Insert Installation Tool

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Meticulously engineered HIT Inserts are only effective if the tool used to install them is equally as precise. So we machine these Hit Insert Tools to the same exacting standards Iron Will is known for. The front of the tool is designed to seat inserts at the proper arrow depth for Standard, Deep Six, or Snyder Core broadheads and field points. An included brass bore brush attaches to the back of the tool and is used to score the arrow bore for improved epoxy bonding strength.

HIT (Hidden Insert Technology) is used under license as a registered trademark of Easton Technical Products.

Insert Seating Tool — Hardened Stainless Steel
Arrow Scoring Brush — Brass

HIT Insert Tool, Brass Arrow Scoring Brush, Carry Case

For complete installation, you will also need HIT Epoxy and HIT Inserts. Remove nocks from your arrows when installing solid core inserts.

Additional Features

Hardened Stainless Steel

Precision CNC machined from hardened steel, this tool can be cleaned and reused hundreds of times while maintaining exact HIT Insert seating depth.

Brass Brush

Inserts need to hold firm to the inside of the arrow on hard impacts. We include a brass arrow scoring brush in our HIT Installation Kit so you can create additional surface area inside your arrow for epoxy to adhere to.

Standard Thread Compatible

Most arrows require HIT Inserts for Standard (8-32) Threads.

Deep Six Compatible

Deep Six compatible HIT Inserts are designed to fit 4mm micro diameter shafts that use the Deep Six thread pattern. Purchase the Deep Six variant if you plan to use them with Deep Six broadheads and field points in micro 4mm shafts.

Snyder Core Compatible

Designed in conjunction with Aron Snyder, the Snyder Core compatible HIT Insert tool seats Deep Six HIT Inserts further in micro diameter arrow shafts than the Standard or Deep Six compatible tools. Choose the Snyder Core option only if you are building arrows to conform with the Snyder Core System.

How to Install HIT Inserts

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Quality tool, much better than the stickers you get from easton.

Nick Bishop
great tool

Makes installing the inserts a breeze!


Very helpful tool

Ronny Stephens
hit tool

nice tool way better than plastic

Thanks for the feedback! If you need a new brush over time, we sell those separately so this truly should last a lifetime!

Jeff Hoelscher
Worth it

Very helpful in .204 arrow building process. Well built and should last me a long time. Worked great with my first hotmelt arrow build process. Just order it!!

Great to hear! We sell the replacement brushes as well so indeed, it should last a lifetime!