Complete Blade Care Kit
Complete Blade Care Kit
Complete Blade Care Kit
Complete Blade Care Kit
Complete Blade Care Kit

Complete Blade Care Kit

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Say goodbye to disposable broadheads and backcountry hunting knife blades. Use this Complete Blade Care Kit to keep your broadheads and knives in top shape so they remain as reliable as science allows. Iron Will A2 Tool Steel blades are not stainless, so this kit lets you take care of any natural surface tarnishing and discoloration found on your blades and prepares them for ongoing corrosion resistance and end-of-season storage. The included Double-sided Polishing Cloth can buff out discoloration or surface corrosion, while the diemaker polishing stone can be used when more aggressive polishing is needed. We apply a thin coating of mineral oil to broadheads and knives before shipping from our factory. Reapplying this mineral oil from the mineral oil pen in this kit will improve corrosion resistance with use over time. The included Torx T6 L-Key can be used to disassemble and reassemble Iron Will broadheads for a more thorough clean-up at hunting season's end.

Kit Includes:
Mineral Oil Dispensing Pen
1200 Grit Diemaker Polishing Stone
Double-sided Polishing Cloth
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Torx T6 L-Key
Carry Pouch

How to Clean Broadheads and Knives

Customer Reviews

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Extremely sharp

Great kit.

This kit will help you keep your broadheads rust free for years. I love the 1200 grit stone, it works great. This kit is light enough to take with you if you're heading to the back country for a week or two.

A2 tool steel has many advantages for strength, edge retention and durability. Our heads come treated from the factory and will withstand moisture during the typical hunt. They do require some special care in wet conditions. Simply drying them off at the end of the day and not leaving them wet in your quiver will get you through the hunt. Our kit contains a special cloth, tool and oil pen as well as the stone for quick touch ups to revitalize and protect. Glad you like it! Apprecate the review.


Did what I needed to. Had a bit of rust on my blades from a wet hunt. Had them looking good as new with minimal effort. I really like the oil applicator pen as well.

Mike Whitish
Nice Maintenance Tools

High quality items for regular and preventive broadhead maintenance. Compact and lightweight for field care.

Nice! The cloth in this kit is a new item Iron Will discovered that does a great job of polishing metal. It is great to hear that you like it! We appreciate the feedback.

Bright and clean...

This was a great help to touch up my IW broadheads. The stone broke a few times. Bought a stone holder for this set and working great.

Thanks for lettin us know. Holding that stone like a pencil near the tip will help it to not break. Appreciate the feedback.