Precision Engineered to be as Reliable as Science Allows
single bevel moose square
Single Bevel Broadheads

Engineered to maintain the arrow's rotational spin through impact, resulting in a bone splitting effect and more tissue damage throughout the animal.

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Wide Series Broadheads

For extensive entry and exit holes and flowing blood trails.

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S Series Broadheads

Solid blade for a quiet flight and unwavering strength. Ideal for achieving precision flight and maximum penetration on unsuspecting large game like elk and moose.

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V Series Broadheads

A vented blade makes this our most forgiving broadhead for excellent long-range flight. Engineered to hit the mark with maximum penetration on large game animals like elk and moose.

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Crossbow Broadheads

Precision engineered with high impact-strength materials for superb flight and maximum penetration from modern high-speed crossbows.

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Custom Engraved

One-of-a-kind broadheads to commemorate once-in-a-lifetime hunts.

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