Choosing the Right Size HIT Insert

For strong, true flying arrows, Iron Will HIT Inserts* are engineered to align directly to your arrow's inner diameter. This takes outsert component tolerances out of the equation and ensures that broadheads spin true to the arrow.

Don't know what the inside diameter of your arrow is? Check out our Arrow Inside Diameter chart. We have included some of the most popular arrows.

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You may also be interested in our How to Install HIT Inserts video.

Other Products you may need to install the HIT Inserts

HIT Insert Tool: Use this tool to score the bore and set the HIT Inserts to the proper depth.
HIT Epoxy: Our research has shown this epoxy to be superior to others and is what we recommend using.


*HIT (Hidden Insert Technology) is used under license as a registered trademark of Easton Technical Products.