Custom Machine Built Arrows
Custom Machine Built Arrows
Custom Machine Built Arrows
Custom Machine Built Arrows
Custom Machine Built Arrows
Custom Machine Built Arrows

Custom Machine Built Arrows

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Say goodbye to handmade arrows. Arrow accuracy and penetration relies on precise tolerances not measurable to the naked eye. So we engineered a machine that builds arrows with never-before-seen precision. 

We start with an industry-leading and versatile Easton Axis 5mm arrow. We add AAE Hybrid Hunter vanes in our recommended 3 degree helical orientation, which flies best with Iron Will broadheads. Next, our machine cuts and squares arrows to your specified length, followed by installing HIT Inserts, Impact Collars, and AAE IP Nocks. 

The result is the most exact arrow the bow hunting world has ever seen. 

When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime hunts, we can't leave anything to chance. With an Iron Will arrow build, we take the human error out of the equation, so you can count on every arrow performing the same as the next.

Arrows: Easton Axis 5mm
Fletching: 3° Right Helical, Three Fletch
Standard Arrow Straightness: ±0.003" — Weight and spine matched for top level accuracy.
Match Grade Arrow Straightness: ±0.001" — Weight and spine matched for top level accuracy.

Patent Pending Arrow Build Process

Arrow Components

Precision Machine Built

Hand building arrows is a thing of the past. For the most accurate and precise arrows, we engineered a first for the arrow and bow hunting world — a machine that builds and measures arrows to a standard beyond what hand-building can produce.


For the most precise arrows, we add AAE IP Nocks standard to our custom cut arrows for exceptional consistency and great string reaction. These nocks connect the arrow shaft closer to the string than traditional nocks, which results in a more precise and repeatable arrow send-off.

*AAE IP Nocks are an optional add-on to uncut arrows.

Arrow Length

At full draw, the ideal arrow length will reach just over the end of the riser. Our machine cut arrow lengths are measured from carbon to carbon, and don't include the point length or nock length.

HIT Inserts

Our machine is engineered to build arrows with Iron Will HIT Inserts, so your broadheads align with your arrow's inner diameter for the most accurate flight.

Impact Collars

Designed to be built with Iron Will Impact Collars for a stronger arrow connection and extra front-of-center (FOC) weight options.

Flight Optimized Field Points

When you're about to leave for the hunt, the last thing on your mind should be re-sighting in for broadheads. So Iron Will Field Points are design-optimized using fluid dynamic modeling to match broadhead flight characteristics more closely than ordinary field points.

3° Precision Machine

For ideal arrow and broadhead flight, we precision machine fletch every arrow with three 3° helical AAE Hybrid Hunter Iron Will vanes.

12 Arrow
Travel Case

Lightweigth and robust — to ensure your arrows make it from home to the field. Whether you're heading in deep on horseback, navigating airport handling, or simply placing them in the back of the pickup, your hunt is too important to risk breaking arrows on the way there. Designed to hold 12 arrows so you can hunt hard and with confidence knowing you've got backups at-the-ready if the unexpected happens.

Easton Axis Arrows

Made with high-strength carbon-composite fibers and a Match Grade straightness of ± 0.001," Easton Axis arrows are a perfect pair for Iron Will broadheads and components.

“When it comes to reliable arrow flight, Iron Will broadhead and component tolerances go a long way towards ensuring the most accurate flight and deepest penetration possible. That said, there's long been a weak link through inconsistencies in the arrow build process. Through my new machine built arrow process, we can mitigate arrow build inconsistencies like never before. The result is the most repeatable and reliable arrow build ever seen.”

— Bill Vanderheyden, Owner and Lead Engineer