Single Bevel vs Double Bevel Broadheads

Are Single or Double Bevel Broadheads Best for Bow Hunting?

When it comes to choosing the ideal broadhead for your next hunt, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. One question we frequently receive is, "Are single or double bevel broadheads better?"

All Iron Will broadheads are built with the highest strength materials and have excellent sharpness and edge retention for maximum penetration.  They are also engineered to the most precise standards, so regardless of the specific style you choose, you can count on them to perform well on your hunt. That said, there are some slight nuances to consider with double vs. single bevel broadheads that could give you the edge on your next hunt.

Let's dive in to them.

Single Bevel Broadheads

Iron Will Single Bevels feature a single beveled edge on both their main blade and bleeder blade. Available in both right and left bevels to match your vane's rotation, the pressure on these bevels cause the arrow to continue to rotate as it drives through the animal. This opens up holes and causes more tissue damage for excellent blood trails and quick kills.

Double Bevel Broadheads

Double bevel broadheads feature two bevels on each blade edge that have equal pressure causing the arrow to drive straight through the animal as efficiently as possible. Since double bevels aren't rotating like single bevels, no extra energy is required for rotation.  Also, the equal pressure makes for a very strong edge, more resistant to damage as it easily drives through bone.


Through our testing, we haven't found that single bevel or double bevel edges produce any noticeable differences in accuracy.

When it comes to shooting single bevels, however, it's important that the blade angle matches the arrow's fletched rotation. For instance, if a hunter's arrows rotate to the right, or clockwise when looking from behind, then they should choose a right single bevel broadhead (and vice versa for left).

When it comes to double bevels, either a right or left rotating arrow works equally well.


We have used both extensively on our hunts with excellent results and feel you can't go wrong with either choice.  Choose the one you feel meets your needs the best and gives you the confidence you need for your next hunt.

Field Reports


"This is my 64” bull I got with your S125. I have never seen a broadhead so sharp that it cut the hair on its way to entry like a razor! I got a double lung with a complete pass through then the arrow hit the rocks behind the moose, I picked it up and it’s still razor sharp. Just wanted to say thank you and tell you I’m super impressed!"

— Charlie Cabe @cabefamilyoutdoors

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"Just wanted to say a huge thank you the quality of your products. I recently had a archery bison hunt here in Alaska and I used your single bevel 100 gr broadhead with one of your impact collars.

I got to within 45 yards and made an absolutely perfect shot. The animal walked maybe 50 yards from shot and expired with 5-8 min. The blood trail was like a garden hose. Broadhead made it through to other side of animal and lodged into its femur after passing through both ventricles of his heart. Thank you again for an amazing product. Broadheads sharpened and ready for another hunt! Customer for life!"

— David Brophy

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