Getting Ready For The Hunt: Preparing Your Broadheads In Four Easy Steps

Prepare Broadheads Four Steps

Any avid bow hunter knows that preparation is the key if you want to have a successful hunt. Whether you've been bow hunting for years or are new to the game, there's much to consider before you get out and hit the trails. A set of well-prepared broadheads is one of the most critical pieces of equipment that every bow hunter should have in their arsenal.

Step 1: Choosing The Right Broadheads

It's important to choose the right broadhead depending on the type of game you're hunting. The right choice can result in a more humane kill while also maximizing your chances of success. Some examples are listed below.

  • Single-bevel broadheads: A single-bevel broadhead is perfect for larger game such as elk, moose, or bison. The single bevel design allows the arrow to rotate upon impact, creating a more extensive wound channel while maintaining long range accuracy.
  • Wide broadheads:  If you're hunting big game like bears or whitetail, a wide broadhead will deliver more tissue damage. This can result in a better blood trail, especially when it must get through thick hides like bears have. 
  • S Series broadheads: A solid broadhead profile like that engineered into Iron Will S Series broadheads produces quieter flight. This keeps jumpier animals at ease for a shorter recovery. 

Step 2: Installing The Broadhead Correctly

When installing a broadhead on an arrow, it is important to ensure that the broadhead’s male threads match your arrow’s female threads. Iron Will’s standard broadhead threads align with industry thread standards to screw into typical arrows. These also align with Iron Will HIT Inserts for 5mm arrows. Alternatively, if hunters are using 4mm Deep Six HIT Inserts, it’s important to verify broadhead threads are sized for Deep Six. Deep Six broadheads screw into Deep Six HIT Inserts so the arrow components can be inside the shaft for better strength and alignment on skinner 4mm arrows. As a further alternative for stronger 4mm arrows, hunters can choose Snyder Core broadheads and field points to screw into Deep Six HIT Inserts further inside the arrow. 

Step 3: Sharpening The Broadhead

Sharpening a broadhead isn't too difficult, but you need to follow some guidelines to ensure the process is done properly. Iron Will broadheads are sharp out of the box, and as long as they remain able to shave hair after any target shots, will be ready to hunt. To resharpen, follow this broadhead sharpening guide. 

Step 4: Practice Shooting Your Arrow

No matter how long you've been a bow hunter, practicing before going out for the real hunt can make all the difference. Once you have the prerequisites in place for your broadheads, the final step is to start practicing with shooting the bow. Some essentials of bow hunting practice are listed below:

  • Learn to relax your mind- Tension is one of the biggest factors that impact accuracy. One of the best tips you can practice is learning how to bend your bow arm just enough to meet the back of your hand. This will ensure that you shoot with an open hand, avoiding straining muscles in your hands and arms.
  • Practice shooting from different angles - While hunting, you never know which angle a shot may present itself. Practicing shooting from all angles is crucial to prepare for any scenario.
  • Perfect the follow-through- A fluid follow-through motion can help you overcome some other inconsistencies. Keep your arm relaxed until the bow reaches your practice target, and you'll be surprised by how much your accuracy can improve.

Get Ready For The Hunt With Iron Will Outfitters

At Iron Will Outfitters, we have a selection of arrows for hunting to make your next outing successful.  Our broadheads are precision-engineered and custom-built to give you the best accuracy and penetration in the field. With our broadheads, you can be sure that your arrow will deliver a clean and ethical kill. Don't let poor preparation ruin your next hunting trip. Follow these four easy steps to get your broadheads ready for any game you're hunting. When you need high-quality hunting equipment or gear, visit us for anything you need.

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