Sharpening Iron Will Broadheads

Iron Will broadheads are made for a lifetime of use. Whether you need to quickly resharpen broadheads in the field, do some light touch-ups at home, or re-work your blade edge more thoroughly during the off-season, here's what it takes to get your broadheads ready for the next shot. Though we do not offer a sharpening service, follow these recommendations and you'll have your broadheads in top shape faster than it would take you to package them for someone else to resharpen.

Sharpening Broadheads with Light Edge Damage

For field touch-ups and quick touch-ups at home, we recommend our Double Sided Sharpening Stone which features a medium grit side for more thorough resharpening and an extra-fine side for light tough-ups and to finish the edge after using the medium side. This method requires a little more touch to manually set the edge angle.

How to Use the Double Sided Sharpening Stone: Double Bevel Broadheads

How to Use the Double Sided Sharpening Stone: Single Bevel Broadheads

Sharpening Broadheads with Heavier Edge Damage

For a more thorough resharpening on edges with heavy damage, we recommend using knife sharpening kits with flat stones at set angles like a KME, Gatco, or Lansky. The KME broadhead sharpening jig is also a good option.

Begin by Disassembling the Iron Will Broadhead with a T6 Torx screw driver.

How to Use a Fixed Angle Sharpener
Start at 20-22° on a double bevel head and 32° on a single bevel head, working to remove material in very small increments.

Replacement Broadhead Parts

Iron Will Broadhead Replacement Main Blades
Replacement Bleeder Blades
Replacement Broadhead Screws
T6 Torx Driver for Broadhead Screws

Also, remember to take care of your blades using our Anti-Corrosion Blade Care Kit.