Hot Melt Archery Adhesive Installation and Removal - How to Build Arrows with Iron Will

Build arrows the Iron Will way with our Reinforced HIT Bow Hunting System.

Watch the Iron Will hot melt arrow building tutorial. 

You Will Need:

Iron Will Hot Melt Archery Adhesive - After significant research, we found a glue that is the perfect balance of strength and removability. We strongly recommend using our archery adhesive for this application.
Iron Will HIT Inserts
Heat Gun
Block of Wood


1.) SIZE CHECK: Do not skip this step.

Confirm that you have the right size HIT Inserts and Impact Collars for your arrows.

Take the HIT Insert and screw it onto the back of the broadhead or field point. For the Hot Melt Archery Adhesive application, the broadhead/field point must be screwed onto the HIT Insert prior to inserting the assembly into the shaft.

Check the fit of the assembly inside the arrow shaft to be sure that it is snug but not too tight. You should be able to gently push the insert in and out of the shaft with slight pressure. If it is a little tight, back the broadhead or field point off of the HIT Insert a half rotation to allow it to self-center. Once you have verified that you have a good fit, remove the assembly from the shaft.

2.) Use a heat gun at 350° to heat the HIT Insert. Hold the Iron Will Hot Melt Archery Adhesive above the heat gun at the same time to be sure everything is warm enough to soften the glue to a useable consistency.

3.) Once the adhesive and insert are warmed, coat the entire HIT insert and half of the broadhead or field point shank, all the way around with the liquified glue.

4.) Hold the coated assembly over the heat gun again to liquify the adhesive, then start pushing the insert into the arrow shaft, gently, while rotating. Be careful to hold the broadhead safely and use light force to avoid cutting yourself.

5.) Use a wood block to firmly push the assembly all the way in until it stops.

6.) Once cooled, peel away any excess hot melt archery adhesive.

Allow your arrows to fully cool and your arrows are ready for flight.

Removing Hot Melted HIT Inserts, Field Points, and Broadheads from Arrows:

You Will Need:

Electrical Tape
Boiling Water


1.) Prepare the pliers: Place electrical tape over the gripping surface of the pliers to protect your Iron Will Broadheads and Iron Will HIT Inserts while removing them from the shaft.

2.) Heat the water to boiling.

3.) Stick the end of the arrow into the boiling water for about 15 seconds. Do not put the arrow or point against the metal pan which could overheat the arrow.

4.) Using the protected pliers, gently pull the Iron Will HIT Insert assembly out of the arrow shaft.

5.) Pull the collar off as well.

After removing the assembly, follow Iron Will's Blade Care and Cleaning Recommendations.