Broadheads Not Hitting with Field Points

If your broadheads are not hitting with your field points, here are some things that you might want to take a look at and tweak as needed.

A. Fletch is too small: Broadheads have more surface area for pressure to act on at the front of your arrow, so you need more surface area at the back of your arrow to maintain stability. Very small target fletchings may not work well. Something the size of Blazer Vanes, AAE Max Hunter, Max Stealth, or Heat vanes work well in my experience.

B. Straight Fletch: You want your arrow to spin to add stability and resist moving off track. I recommend at least 2 degrees helical or offset. 2.5 to 3 degrees is ideal in my opinion.

C. Under spined: This will cause excessive flexing of the arrow at the shot and can make broadheads fly poorly. I recommend an optimal spine or slightly stiff.

D. FOC too low: Increasing FOC will increase stability. I personally like the 12-16% range.

E. Check bow setup issues: like cam timing, cam lean, center shot position.

F. Bow grip torque: Have someone take a video over your shoulder of you shooting to see what the bow and arrow are doing at the shot. You can also pick up tuning issues this way like the arrow fish-tailing. The slow motion videos work pretty well on newer phones.

G. Bow tuning: (arrow not coming straight out of bow). I paper tune to get a bullet hole at about 12 feet. I then also shoot a bare shaft and a fletched shaft at 20 & 30 yards and make small adjustments as needed to get them to hit close to the same spot with the shafts parallel.

H. Head not spinning true: Spin each arrow to see if the tip stays on center or wobbles side to side which will cause poor flight. The arrow, insert, or broadhead could be the cause.

I. Change the main blade to a different style blade: Another option you have is to change the main blade to a different style. The Wide 150 is the same ferrule as the V100, S125 and Wide 125, for example. The Wide 125, in this example, is vented, so because of the reduction in the surface area, you should see slightly increased accuracy. To see which blades are interchangeable with which ferrules, you can check out the blade compatibility chart. You can also purchase replacement blades.

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