White IP Nock for arrow building
AAE IP Nocks
IP Nock 12 Pack with Installation Tool
AAE IP Nocks

AAE IP Nocks

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For a more accurate arrow flight, AAE IP Nocks provide a consistent and precise arrow-to-string connection. By connecting the arrow shaft closer to the string than most alternatives, IP Nocks are able to produce an extremely repeatable string release. 

Note: These IP Nocks are sold as a 12 pack, include a nock installation tool, and are compatible with .204" ID arrows. 

Compatible with .204 Inner Diameter (ID) Arrows

Weight: 8 grains
Color: White
Quantity: 12
Installation Tool Included

These nocks are designed to be press-fit into your .204 ID arrow shaft using the included installation tool.

To keep from potentially damaging your IP Nocks when inserting them into arrows or rotating them to match fletching, please be sure to use the included tool instead of your fingers.