Quality Broadheads are Worth Every Penny

Quality Broadheads are Worth Every Penny

"Bitter sweet. Wait all year for September, and just like that, the wait begins again. This bull was one of five that came to my stand. I had told myself to hold out for a 6... and as he passed by at 4.4 yards, the urge was too great and I fired my lucky arrow. When he fell, I ranged him at 15.5 yards from my stand. Super thankful to have filled my 6th Oregon elk tag in 7 years, and my 3rd 6pt in that same span. That makes 3 bulls and a buck for my lucky arrow. Will next year make it 4?

Some people complain about the price of high quality broadheads like these Iron Will Outfitters S100's, but here's how I feel:

1) We owe it to the animal to make the cleanest, fastest kill possible. A cheaper head may fail, especially on a marginal shot or large animal like an elk. 

2) My former broadhead with disposable blades were still $43 for 3. Practicing with them ruined the not sharpen-able blades. New blades $20 for 3 sets. Shoot an animal, blades are ruined and must be replaced again. Not to mention trying to track down replacement blades when you need them. 

3) A quality head that retains its shape, and can be easily sharpened and re-used over and over will save you money. 

I just took the Iron Will I shot my bull with yesterday, cleaned it with an old toothbrush, and using only polishing compound and a piece of cereal box cardboard and the Stay Sharp guide, had it back to shaving sharp in just a few minutes. 

Don't cut corners with your equipment!"

— Eric Martin 

* UPDATED 9/18/23
Eric Martin has now taken his fourth bull with the same arrow

Eric Martin's 4th Bull with same arrowEric's 2023 bull

Eric-Martin-Elk-Broadhead Best Resharpenable Broadhead