Moose and Elk with Same Broadhead

Moose and Elk with Same Broadhead

"Hi guys, here's some pictures and information on my two hunts I just had.

I headed out for my moose hunt in Alaska armed with 6 new Ironwill S100 broadheads in my quiver.  One had been used just to ensure I was on target, but I didn’t plan on using that one as it was now my practice broadhead.  On day 4, I finally found a moose I wanted to go after.  After stalking him for the second time in the day, I was able to connect with him on a 40 yard shot.

Fast forward to about 12 days later, I'm in Arizona on an Elk hunt (somehow I accidently drew this tag on my first year putting in for it).  The outfitter preferred mechanicals but told me if he could see that I could fly my broadhead exactly where it should land repeatedly, then he'd be ok with me using it.  So I got out my practice broadhead (which now turned into my one I shot my moose with…unfortunately between the two states I lost the other one practicing at long distances). Then he said he wanted to use that same broadhead I had practiced with so he sharpened it for me.

I shot my Elk with the same Broadhead as I did my moose!!! My lucky broadhead.  But this time the broadhead got lost in the mess….but that's ok I can rightfully say it performed its job.  The bull was called in for me, my guide told me 58 yards, I made the shot.  We tracked the Elk and then found him around 3-400 yards out.  What a blood trail!  The blood was spread out about three feet.  It looked as though I had penetration on both sides.  This surprised me.  I am only drawing 47 lbs. and after all this was a near 60 yard shot.  Upon finding the elk all folded over in the timber, we found that my fletchings were flush at the entry wound site.  So the  broadhead penetrated all the way through the Elk and fell off who knows where.

So the first Bull Elk and first Moose I've ever killed I did so with the same broadhead.  I'm sold!"

— Crystal Masek

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