Limited Entry Utah Elk Bow Hunt

Limited Entry Utah Elk Bow Hunt
"Howdy folks! Here is the result of my work and preparation for my 2022 Limited Entry Utah elk hunt. It's crazy that we spend so much time preparing and dreaming to send it all on one arrow. I made the switch to Iron Will Single Bevel 125s this year and haven't looked back!
I appreciate your dedication to making such a fine product that performed flawlessly when the time finally came. At 26 yards the broadhead made its way through the vitals of my bull and out the other side. He ran about 80 yards and went down. We listened to his last breaths in less than 45 seconds from the shot. I was blessed to have my brother, Clint, by my side and to help me with the pack out.
Thanks again for what you do to make broadheads that are super sharp and quality to last in the most crucial instant of my hunt."
— Shane Rasmussen


Utah Bull Elk Bow Hunt