In Pursuit of an African Spiral Horn Slam

In Pursuit of an African Spiral Horn Slam

"My journey to the Limpopo Province of South Africa was a testament to the power and precision of the Iron Will S Series 100 Grain Broadheads. In pursuit of a spiral horn slam with my bow over seven intense days, these broadheads proved to be my unwavering companions, delivering exceptional performance and unforgettable moments.

Three years ago, I switched from mechanical to fixed blade broadheads, seeking durability that could withstand rigorous hunts. Many broadheads I used were one-shot wonders, destroyed upon impact. As my African adventure approached, I scoured reviews and consulted archery experts, leading me to Iron Will Outfitters. A conversation with a female (Bailey?) reassured me; I chose the S Series double bevel, confident they would perform flawlessly and match the accuracy of field points.

Receiving the broadheads, packaged meticulously with a travel case, affirmed my decision. Testing them at home revealed a minor tuning issue, swiftly resolved at my local shop. Soon, my setup, adorned with custom VAP TKO Elite Hulk arrows, was dialed in—ready for the 15-hour flight and the challenges ahead.

Entering the blind on the first day, anticipation ran high. Throughout the day, animals frequented the watering hole, including a massive 53-55 inch Kudu bul and a superb 24+ inch Impala. Despite their intelligence, the day ended without a shot.

Returning the next day, persistence paid off. The Impala, cautious but drawn to the water, presented a shot at 26 yards. The S Series broadhead delivered true, ensuring a swift retrieval mere yards away. Later, as the sun set, the wind shifted, revealing multiple Kudu bulls approaching from behind. A majestic bull at 18 yards met the same fate, dropping within 40 yards.

Days of hunting followed for a worthy Nyala. Stalks and blinds yielded bulls, but none met the criteria until the final day. Returning to a favored blind, Nyala emerged from every direction. At 32 yards, the S Series found its mark, securing another successful hunt, albeit with a slightly longer track.

Venturing to a mountainous area, a persistent ram circled the blind. Finally, at 11 yards, the S Series broadhead hit true, delivering a shoulder shot. The surprised Bushbuck attempted to flee but fell within sight—an unforgettable end to a challenging pursuit.

Reflecting on my journey, I extend heartfelt thanks for the exceptional customer service and the performance of the Iron Will S Series 100 Grain Broadheads. Each hunt, from the majestic Kudu to the elusive Bushbuck, was a testament to their precision, cutting power, and durability. These broadheads ensured ethical kills, respecting the wildlife and the pursuit of excellence.

Upon returning home, I gifted my PH, an avid bowhunter, the sharpened broadheads, a gesture that spoke volumes about their quality. Excited for the upcoming whitetail season, I've already ordered Wide Series broadheads and plan to restock on S Series. As a first-time safari hunter, achieving gold medal scores with the Impala, Kudu, and Nyala was a thrill beyond words—a mark of success in this unforgettable journey."

— Will Sheehan