Five Years of Consistent Success

Dean Flager with hog taken from a bow hunt

"I recently had a great hog hunting trip in Texas where my Iron Will broadheads performed phenomenally, far surpassing the recommended Rage broadheads used by the rest of the group. I want to express my gratitude for your excellent product, which I've been using for five years with consistent success.

Last week, I joined my dad and a few friends for a three-day hog hunting excursion south of Corsicana, Texas. Armed with my trusty Iron Will broadheads and finely tuned sights, I embarked on the adventure.

During the trip, I managed to take down two large boars, both weighing over 220 pounds. The first shot, was quartering towards me at 30 yards, saw my arrow zip through both lungs, dropping the hog within 40 yards. The guide was astounded, remarking that such clean kills are sometimes elusive even with rifles (I watched one hog get shot 5 times with a pistol and still have some fight left). The second shot, also at 30 yards, initially hit too far back. However, staying quiet and the hog not fully understanding what had just happened, I closed the gap and made a precise shot behind the shoulder, resulting in another swift takedown within 30 yards.

I'd like to highlight some key observations from the trip, particularly regarding the equipment used by the group. Despite the guides' preference for wider broadheads like the Rage models, I insisted on using my "small fixed point" Iron Wills for their superior penetration, especially crucial for thick-skinned hogs. Witnessing the limited penetration of Rage broadheads on multiple occasions, often resulting in lost animals and broken arrows, reinforced my confidence in my choice.

Moreover, I noticed how the hogs reacted differently to the sharpness and pass-through capability of my Iron Will broadheads. The clean passes seemed to momentarily confuse the hogs, akin to the delayed realization of a fresh razor cut. This led to remarkably short recovery times and minimally damaged arrows, ready to be reused almost immediately.

In conclusion, my Iron Will broadheads delivered outstanding performance, resulting in clean, one-shot kills without the need for rifles or pistols. While I may not have convinced everyone in my hunting party or the guides, I remain steadfast in my preference for your product. Thank you once again for crafting such an exceptional tool, and I look forward to continuing as a loyal customer."

— Dean Flager