1 Broadhead, 2 Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo with Bow

"I was on a recent South African hunt. Two hunters Jeremy Judkins and Chet Nicholes in our group decided they wanted to try for cape buffalo, however they were using mid-weight arrows and did not have the right broadheads. I indicated I had 125 grain Iron Will S series broadheads they could try. Long story short Jeremy took a bull angling away at 40 yards and it expired within 20 yards. Two days later Chet took another bull using the same broadhead at 20 yards and it expired within 40 yards. Amazing. Two Cape buffalo taken with the same broadhead.

Here are Jeremy and Chet with their Cape Buffalo as well as a picture of the broadhead. Still very sharp after taking two buffalo in as many days.

Back in 2019 I took a Cape Buffalo with the 200 Grain two blade. I have attached that picture as well. It was almost a pass through. Broadhead still sharp."

— Michael Lambert

Cape Buffalo Bow Hunting
Chet Nicholes with his Cape Buffalo
Cape Buffalo Broadhead
The broadhead that both cape buffalo were shot with.
Cape Buffalo with bow
Jeremy Judkins with his Cape Buffalo
Cape buffalo with bow
The author, Michael Lambert, with his 2019 cape buffalo.