Sharpening Iron Will Knives

There are numerous knife sharpening methods, but here are some that work well for us.

In our factory, we grind each side to 19 degrees per side.

For light field sharpening, our 40° Carbide Sharpener works great. It's small, lightweight, and quickly touches up edges so you can get back to field dressing.

As the edge wears more, a thorough re-sharpening with flat stones and a sharpening jig that holds the angle works the best. The KME knife sharpener works well for this. Gatco, Lansky, & Wicked Edge also make similar knife sharpening systems with medium to fine stones and a jig to hold the angle. Use 19-22 degrees per side. A belt system like the Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener is very fast and can work well also if you are careful not to remove too much material and round the point of the knife. Here is a link to Iron Will's Double Sided Sharpening Stone.