Right and Left Single Bevel Broadheads and Arrow Fletching

Iron Will's Single Bevel Broadheads are engineered to maintain the arrow's rotational spin through impact, resulting in a bone splitting effect and more tissue damage throughout the animal. We added a single bevel bleeder (optional) which assists in this rotation, opens up holes, and increases the total tissue sliced. The result creates great blood trails and quick kills. Choose right or left to match your fletching.

To get started, watch our Right vs. Left Single Bevel Broadheads video. 


We found that higher profile vanes that are over 0.5 inches tall work the best to stabilize our broadheads.

Offset or Helical Fletching Arrows

We recommend at least 2 degrees offset or helical with 2.5 to 3 degrees being ideal.
Fletch your arrows from nock and down the shaft in the direction you want your arrows to spin.

Straight Fletch Arrows

We do not recommend straight fletch arrows because they have minimal rotation and can result in poor flight with fixed blade heads.   But, if you do choose to use straight fletched arrows, you can choose either right or left single bevel or use our double bevel version of broadheads, such as the S series or regular Wide series, as they do not rotate on impact.

How to determine if you need Right or Left Bevel Broadheads

Always match the broadhead bevel with the rotation of your arrow in flight. Right Fletch rotates clockwise as viewed from the back and requires a Single Bevel RIGHT broadhead (SBRight). Left fletch rotates counterclockwise and requires a Single Bevel LEFT broadhead (SBLeft).