Iron Will Broadhead Lifetime Warranty

Our guarantee is a handshake - a promise that our broadheads will work as hard as you do.

General Warranty Qualifications

Warranty is valid for original owner and for broadheads purchased directly from Iron Will Outfitters only. Proof of purchase and damage is required. To initiate a warranty return request, fill out the CONTACT US form or contact Customer Service at

Please do not send back product until you have corresponded directly with customer service and received a return authorization number and directions on where and how to send the package.

Broadheads that are shot into or through an animal qualify for warranty returns.

We stand behind the strength and durability of our broadheads. Iron Will broadheads are engineered for hunt after hunt of true flight and maximum penetration on the toughest of big game animals. That said, if any broadhead component bends or breaks from being shot into or through an animal, we will replace it. Our Lifetime Warranty has no limit on the time frame for which it can be used. Customers are allowed a single warranty claim per broadhead ordered. Depending on the extent of the broadhead’s damage, that claim’s resolution may entail an entirely new broadhead or individual components of the broadhead to be reassembled by the customer.

Any broadhead found to have a manufacturing defect will be covered under our warranty.

Iron Will broadheads must pass a rigorous standard of quality control before we’ll allow them to ship. We won’t settle for anything less. If a manufacturing defect does sneak through, rest assured that all broadheads have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Normal wear-and-tear, improper care, or damage due to misuse, or broadheads that need to be sharpened again after shooting are not covered. 

Broadheads damaged when shooting at or through targets are not covered under warranty.

Use a target designed to stop deep penetrating broadheads. Also avoid shooting near the rebar frame of 3D targets. Our broadheads are engineered to be highly accurate, and grouping broadheads with other broadheads or field points will result in damage. Therefore, we strongly recommend shooting at different spots on the target. We also strongly recommend ensuring there is nothing behind, near, or inside targets that could result in damage to the broadhead or object.  

Damage done while removing broadheads from unintended targets is not covered under warranty.

When recovering broadheads be sure to protect the threads and ferrules from getting damaged during recovery. Threads or ferrules that are damaged while recovering broadheads (including broadheads that have passed through animals) are not covered in the warranty. 

Rust on the broadheads is not covered under warranty. Properly care for and store broadheads to avoid rust.

Iron Will broadhead blades are made with A2 Tool Steel, which has a superior combination of impact strength and edge retention as compared to stainless and other steels.  Since A2 contains less chromium than stainless steel, it does require care to ensure a lifetime of use. We coat all blades with mineral oil prior to shipping. Hunters should re-apply mineral oil to their broadheads to improve corrosion resistance throughout a lifetime of use — especially when hunting in wet conditions. Rust spots can be easily removed with general maintenance and care. As a result, rust issues are not covered under our warranty. Iron Will’s Blade Care Kit has been assembled to make quick work of general and post-hunt maintenance.